UMeWorld Launches AI-Powered English Learning Centers in China

HONG KONG, CHINA  / October 6, 2021 / UMeWorld Limited (OTC:UMEWF) today announced that it plans to launch a new business model for its newly acquired Easy Learn AI-Powered English (“Easy Learn”) master franchise right for Southern China from Beijing Sunshine Education Co., Limited (“Beijing Sunshine”), as previously announced, on October 15th, 2021. 

The new business model is in response to the recent government policy document called “Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Homework and Off-Campus Training for Compulsory Education Students” or the so called “Double Reduction” policy which essentially bans or at least drastically reduces the number of after-school training classes. The guidelines focus on the nine years of compulsory education before high school from elementary to middle school and call for academic tutoring businesses to restructure as non-profits. The policy also prohibits those businesses from offering classes on weekends, holidays, summer and winter breaks, effectively allowing tutoring only on weekdays within a limited number of hours. In addition, most K1-K9 schools have extended school off hours from 3:30PM to 6:30PM, which leaves very little time for after-school tutoring in tutoring centres which must be closed by 8:30PM. This new Double Reduction policy has sent Chinese parents scrambling for options.

“There is now a vacuum in China’s K12 educational market as a result of the Double Reduction policy; the market urgently needs a product that can enhance students’ self-directed learning ability as recommended by this policy, to fill these now unmet needs,” said Michael Lee, President & CEO of UMeWorld Limited. “The ability to excel at self-directed learning is a skill developed through vigorous adoption of a proven training model and associated tools. “Easy Learn” has the expertise and experience to develop such product.”

The Company believes that this new business model, focused on cultivating self-directed learning through the Easy Learn AI-Powered English Learning tablet with its’ various online and offline supervision modes, is not in conflict with, but supportive of the “Double Reduction” policy. 

Since launching the first corporate owned Easy Learn center in Guangzhou two months ago, the Company has developed over 30 franchised centres surrounding the Greater Bay area in Guangdong province. The Company believes the new business model is in compliance with the “Double Reduction” policy and is in the process of training these franchise operators in preparation for the gradual opening of these centres on October 15, 2021.   

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