When we started, “Gamification” meant playing video games.
Adaptive Learning was not even a buzz word. We put the two together and the result –  deep engagement by our student subscribers.

Watch what happens when
students take learning into their own hands

The results are dramatic

We encourage students to keep improving and reward them as they make progress towards the goal of mastering a particular educational task or level.

We help teachers to connect with students

A typical Chinese class size is comprised of 55 students. Now, teachers can get an insight into how each student is progressing and make strategic interventions as necessary. The time saved by being able to identify required interventions gives teachers more time to guide each student through those identified problem areas, adjusting learning to match their needs.

Our Products


UMFun is a cloud-based, adaptive learning and assessment platform that can intelligently analyze and adapt to a student’s performance and personalizes the delivery of proprietary educational items in accordance with the student’s learning needs.

Easy Learn

Easy Learn uses the latest AI technologies including block symmetric learning, batch memory learning, speech-to-text and text-to-speech techniques to effectively teach English.