We (OTC:PINK UMEWF) are a integrated edible oil company specializing in the production of DAG (diacylglycerol) oil, palm oil, and oil palm derivative products. We are building a vertically integrated midstream refining and value-added downstream business supplying food, feed, oleochemical, and renewable fuel products to a variety of industries and consumers.


We are primed for growth through a full acquisition of ATG International (“ATG”). ATG has two operational palm mills, with a third under construction. Cumulatively, the three mills will be capable of producing 300 tons per hour at capacity, representing up to $600MM in revenue per annum. *


Three priorities guide our operations:

1. Aggressive expansion: maintaining capital velocity with synergy-focused acquisitions. In 2023, three large-scale palm oil mills and refinery patents were acquired.

2. Sustainable profitability: acquisition of strategic assets to feed the integration cycle and to deliver sustainable and long-term profitability.

3. Operating with excellence: ensuring environmental sustainability and positive social impact to ensure that our company is compliant with the highest ESG standards.


The ATG ProAuto ® Vertical system represents state-of-the-art palm oil plant processing and refining technology: improving palm oil yield, reducing waste and emissions, increasing mill productivity, and introducing automation throughout the process to reduce labor overhead.

Technology transfer agreement for the patented process of removing glycidyl esters from DAG oil.


We seek to accelerate our aggressive expansion strategy on all segments of the business, ramping up production of DAG oil for domestic consumption to approximately 100,000 tons/year and finalizing formative negotiations with local authorities for the construction of a first-of-its-kind, 765-acre universal integrated palm oil plant (IPOP) in Sabah, Malaysia.


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